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Vi ZERO water pipe sterilized integer system patients drinking It sterilize the water pipe of the unit chair and block the formation of bio-film so that it prevent the cross infection which caused by dental cure water. telephone consultation + More
eco-friendly bacteria
Plasma salivary water
24-hour real-time management
comfortable treatment
eco-friendly bacteria
Plasma salivary water
24-hour real-time management
comfortable treatment

Cross-infection Prevention dental water care system

chemical-free plasma-sterilized water

After sterilization without chemical additives, it is managed in an environmentally friendly way that is regenerated in water in a natural state, providing safe medical care.

PLASMA sterilization water supply BIO-FILM of suppression

Bio-films in the water pipes cause bacterial growth, and supply of plasma-sterilized water reduces bacterial growth.

24-hour real-time sterile water supply

We can manage it so that you can use it with confidence, up to one drop of plasma sterilized water, 24 hours a day, in real time.

comfortable medical care without fear of infection by doctors and patients

Vi-ZERO Plasma Water Care System provides sterilization water that makes it easy for doctors and patients to take care of without fear of infection.

□ Model name : VZ-01A

□ Volume : 10 Units & Chairs

□Size : 150(W) X 277(H) X 82(D)

□ Filter : Sediment 0.4㎛

□ Plasma Sterilized water supply : Supply low-temperature plasma sterilized water (Suppress Bio-film)

□ Regulator Supply water with steady pressure (1.8~2.5 kgf/㎠) to Unit & Chair

□ Safety device : Safer by adapting double safety device

□ Power : DC 24V (100-240VAC)

By fundamentally cutting off the sterilization of water pipes and biofilm formation in the unit chair.

To provide a sterilized water for preventing bacterial cross infection through dental water.

□ eco-friendly sterilization
□ 24-hour plasma sterilization water supply
□ Over-voltage protection safety features
□ backflow cross-infection contamination prevention
□ filter exchange notification, Looking sterilizing mark
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